MQ-2, MQ-3, MQ-4, MQ-135, MQ-6, MQ-7, MQ-8, MQ-9 air sensors combined together in a Raspberry project.

Set up of combined simple air sensors.
  • MQ-2 (Methane, Butane, LPG, smoke)
  • MQ-3 (Alcohol, Ethanol, smoke)
  • MQ-4 (Methane, CNG Gas)
  • MQ-135 (Benzene, Alcohol, smoke)
  • MQ-6 (LPG, butane gas)
  • MQ-7 (Carbon Monoxide)
  • MQ-8 (Hydrogen Gas)
  • MQ-9 (Carbon Monoxide, flammable gasses)
Sensor’s circuit diagram.
  • MCP3008 analog-to-digital converter
Data that are collected every 60 seconds.



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George Soloupis

George Soloupis

I am a pharmacist turned android developer and machine learning engineer. Right now I’m a senior android developer at Invisalign and a ML GDE.