Building TensorFlow Lite Support Library with Docker

First install Docker

Collect neccessary files and start a container

docker build . -t tf-support-builder -f tflite-android.Dockerfile
docker run -it -v pwd:/host_dir tf-support-builder bash

Download the tensorflow_lite_support folder

Import the script files and tensorflow_lite_support folder at specific locations inside Docker container

docker container ls --all 
docker cp d40836790a39:/tensorflow_src/tensorflow/lite/tools/
docker cp tensorflow_lite_support d40836790a39:/tensorflow_src
docker cp d40836790a39:/

Go back at the first Power Shell window and execute linux commands

chmod +x
sudo ln -sf /usr/bin/python3 /usr/bin/python

Move generated folder from container back to Windows folder

docker cp d40836790a39:tensorflow_src/bazel-bin/tensorflow_lite_support tensorflow-lite-support

Use the final .aar file inside Android Studio

Colab Notebook




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